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"No shirt, no shoes, Nokomis!"

Laidback and low-key. In Nokomis, you'll find surfing and fishing to be primary recreations and formality to be at a minimum. It's the ideal place to venture in search of fresh fish and outdoor adventures without the crowds of the adjacent cities.

Because of the location of this triangle-shaped town, pretty much anything you do in Nokomis will inevitably involve a lovely water view. Most restaurants, parks, etc will show you one of the Bays, Gulf, or Intercostal. And looking at water pretty much makes everything better.

Casey Key and Nokomis Beach are no exception, of course, located on the lovely Gulf of Mexico. However, unlike its popular beach neighbors Venice and Siesta, they are far less crowded, while still giving visitors a glimpse of the clear turquoise waters this coast boasts.

If there's one more place in Nokomis where anyone and everyone can enjoy him/herself, it's the North Jetty. If you've been to the jetty in Venice, you've seen the North Jetty. That strip of rocks surrounded by water and full of people laughing, fishing, and enjoying the views? That's the North Jetty. A place where dolphins swim by and the sunset illuminates the sky each night. Bring a pole and see what bites; in case it's not a keeper, you can hop into the local-approved Tap and Grill or the North Jetty Concession. Let the kids throw rocks, run to the adjacent park, or draw pictures of the seabirds perched nearby. No need for a shirt. No need for shoes. But yes to Nokomis.

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